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Troutline UV Classic Fly Tying Resin Tack Free

SKU : Troutline UV Classic Fly Tying Resin Tack Free Manufacturer : Trout Line

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Finally after a few month of tests and after changing several times the recipe together with the resin producer we manage to have our UV Resin with NEW Formula!. This Resin is curing VERY FAST!, clear like glass without any residual tack in UV 400nm light wave. This UV resin is much better to be used than classic head cement because without any UV light source will stay liquid. In this way any fly tier can shape the flies like he wants!

Technical Details:

  • NEW Improved Formula!
  • 15ml of Clear UV thin Resin
  • special UV protected bottle with dropper to apply drops of resin  only to avoid losses
  • will cure clear in UV 400nm light
  • will cure crystal clear without any tack ( we advice to have enough light power and good batteries )
  • low viscosity 
  • perfect for Spanish Perdigones Nymphs
  • perfect for buzzers
  • perfect for any nymphs with a clear body
  • perfect for coating back for nymphs, scuds , shrimps
  • also can be used as a fly cement for heads!


How to Use:


  • The resin is sensitive at UV Resin, for this reason you not should tie flies outside, in direct sun light or in shadow.
  • When your fly is ready to be coated just put a drop of resin  and spread it over the entire desired place and use the UV light to cure the zone
  • You can obtain a deep glossy look without adding the resin in layer like with head cement but if you want you can  add layers and you will obtain thicker bodies or thicker area with resin.
  • You can coat the entire bodies ( buzzers or nymphs like perdigones ) or back for nymphs or bodies and backs for scuds and shrimps
  • For the best curing process we advice to use  quality fresh batteries otherwise the  light power is not so intense to cure the resin, keep the light on the zone where the resin is applied enough time until will dry completely without  any tack. For thick bodies  or heads ( for example big streamers ) is better to keep the flies under light for  a long time.


Quality and  Shipping issues:


*Our resin has a special chemical formula to meet the air shipping rules. Is well known that the Air Post has a special rules regarding head cemments, solvents and resins.  A parcel with liquid solutions can be denied for these reasons. Our  Classic UV Resin and Thick UV resin  goes solid and white waxy  to meet these  special requests for Air Shipping. Before we ship a parcel by Air we keep the bottles in cold conditions to go solid to meet these  requests. Based on these rules, if you receive the resin in this stage just put the bottle in hot water for 3-5min and will be liquid again without any problem.


Product Validity and Storage:


  • Do not keep the bottle in direct sunlight. The bottle is special made and coated to resist at UV radiation but is much better to not  keep the bottle in sunny light
  • Keep the bottle all the time well closed
  • Keep the bottle in dry and closed compartments from your tying desk or from your tying box
  • If the resin is not used for log time just but the bottle in very hot water for a few minutes to  be liquid or very liquid again  ( can go waxy or can be like honey  if is not used  a while )
  • The resin has 2 years validity time, can last more but we recommend to be used in this time interval




Customer Reviews

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Good resin Review by Alfonso
Very good resin, it cures perfectly dry and clear. It is my favorite resin for my perdigones. The only problem is with the dropper. Is not the best solution but I take it out and I use a needle to apply the resin. (Posted on 5/7/2017)
Really tack free Review by Christian
Received and tested. Cures great, tack free , fast and easy with my laser torch. I like more then other brands because is not smelling so hard. I really like it! (Posted on 1/11/2017)
Tack free... Review by Ignita
Thin, tack free and shiny. Cures with my Deer Creek laser stylus

(Posted on 11/7/2016)

3 Item(s)

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