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Daiichi Fly Hooks 1530

SKU : Daiichi Fly Hook 1530 Manufacturer : Daiichi Japan

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Daiichi Fly Hook 1530-#10

Daiichi Fly Hooks 1530 - #10

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  • Buy 5 for €2.37 each
Daiichi Fly Hook 1530-#12

Daiichi Fly Hooks 1530 - #12

  • Buy 3 for €2.45 each
  • Buy 5 for €2.37 each

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Daiichi Fly Hook 1530 is a classic model of fly fishing hook dedicated for wet flies, nymphs and small lake streamers. The shape is one of the most popular type used in years and years of fishing all over the world. In US and UK is very appreciated for wet flies, in Ireland is used for tying wet type of Mayflies and in France and other parts from Europe is used for tying small emergers, buzzers and wet winged flies.

Technical Details:

  • Eye - Down
  • Wire- 2x Strong
  • Length-Classic Wet 1x Short
  • Bend- Sproat
  • Shape-Straight shank
  • Finish- L. Bronze
  • Point-Chemically sharped with Micro Barbed
  • 25pcs/bag

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Manufacturer Daiichi Japan

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