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Vosseler DC2 Fly Reel #7/8

SKU : Vosseler DC2 Fly Reel #7/8 Manufacturer : Vosseler Germany

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Vosseler DC2 Fly Reel #7/8-titanium

Vosseler DC2 Fly Reel #7/8 - titanium


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The DC2 fly reel is the most popular fly reel in Germany and probably is the best European reel.Made in Germany, like all Vosseler reels, DC2 is a fantastic reel that have a perfect drag system with a new and improved design compared with the precedent model.
Vosseler DC2 is " on live" type of reel, is very solid, is good looking and with a perfect mechanism that will resist no mater what you will do with it. You can crack nuts with this reel and will remain like now without any scratch!
TDC2 reel was developed to be used also for fishing in light salt waters. If you fish for bonefish or for saltwater trout from the South to the North this fly reel will resist in any fishing conditions no matter how bad is the weather , if is too rainy or too hot or if is to cold and freezing. The reel will work perfectly in any condition!
The DC2 fly reel iin size #7-8 AFTMA rods and can be loaded with a #8 WF line with 100m of backing.

Technical Details:

  • Weight 165 grams
  • Depth of spool 16mm
  • Width of spool 25mm
  • Width of reel 37mm
  • Diameter of reel 93mm

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Manufacturer Vosseler Germany

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