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Troutline Soft J Pulsant Marabou

SKU : Troutline Soft J Pulsant Marabou Manufacturer : Trout Line

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Troutline Soft J Pulsant Marabou-natural

Troutline Soft J Pulsant Marabou - natural

Troutline Soft J Pulsant Marabou-picric over natural

Troutline Soft J Pulsant Marabou - picric over natural


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We tried in years of fishing to find a very soft and mobile feathers that will fit onour small streamers and full of movement lake flies. We talked with our friends , we tested on rivers and lakes different feathers from different birds. Together with fishermen who participate in local competitions and international competitions we tried to find the best solution to have small streamers with highest mobility in water. Finally we tested and discovered these beautiful and extremely full of live feathers.

After testing a year in Sweden, Poland, France and Romania we have the final material who met our desire : Troutline Soft J Pulsant Marabou. A new pach with feathers able to provide the perfect action for small bait streamers both for rivers and lakes.

Technical Details:

  • very soft and full of life
  • will pulse and work in water at each small movement
  • beautiful colors available
  • perfect for lake flies and small and very small streamers
  • perfect feathers for jigging and small nymphs
  • more delicate and pulsant than marabou

Color Details:

  • natural grey core with brownish tips
  • picric acid dyed over natural

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Manufacturer Trout Line

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