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Troutline Boobie Special 4 Streamer Fly BL

SKU : ST50 BL D6 Manufacturer : Trout Line

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Troutline Boobie Special 4 Streamer Fly BL-#10

Troutline Boobie Special 4 Streamer Fly BL - #10

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Our  Special Series  of Troutline Boobies Streamers are developed  by our Pro Staff members in years of fishing in competitions. Boobies are quite new in fly fishing history and the characteristic of them is  that they float. Boobies have light bodies and foam in the head area to help the fly to float.. This model, Troutline Boobie Special 4 Streamer Fly BL, was special developed for lake fishing with a sinking type of line and is dedicated for wild brown trout and rainbow trout also. An intermediate transparent line can be used together with a short leader of 1.5m or maximum 2m.

Troutline Boobie Special 4 Streamer Fly BL is great for rainbow fish especially in the Spring Season. Anothe fish that love this streamer is black Bass!!!

Technical Details:

  • tied on barbless hook for competition fishermen or for those who practice C&R
  • tail made of marabou
  • body is made of synthetic sparkle chenille
  • foam or polystyrene beads to help the fly to float
  • palmered with hackle for extra movement
How to use:

  • The fly will rise and will keep the other team flies from droppers over plants, rocks and structure
  • the fly should be used in team with one or other 2 classic flies
  • is a point type of fly
  • try to fish the team of flies  starting from a medium distance and insist  where you can see structures in water or big rocks
  • use stripping line technique in small strips
  • jigging the fly close to structure area, rocks and drifted woods to induce the attack
  • keep all the time the line in tension
  • keep the rod tip  down to avoid the slacks in lines

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