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Fly foam

SKU : Fly foam Manufacturer : Trout Line

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Fly foam-beige

Fly foam - beige

Fly foam-black

Fly foam - black

Fly foam-blue

Fly foam - blue

Fly foam-brown

Fly foam - brown

Fly foam-caddis green

Fly foam - caddis green

Fly foam-cream

Fly foam - cream

Fly foam-dark brown

Fly foam - dark brown

Fly foam-green highlander

Fly foam - green highlander

Fly foam-grey

Fly foam - grey

Fly foam-insect green

Fly foam - insect green

Fly foam-lemon yellow

Fly foam - lemon yellow

Fly foam-light cream

Fly foam - light cream

Fly foam-light blue

Fly foam - light blue

Fly foam-light grey

Fly foam - light grey

Fly foam-light yellow

Fly foam - light yellow

Fly foam-orange

Fly foam - orange

Fly foam-peach

Fly foam - peach

Fly foam-pink

Fly foam - pink

Fly foam-purple

Fly foam - purple

Fly foam-red

Fly foam - red

Fly foam-white

Fly foam - white

Fly foam-yellow

Fly foam - yellow


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Thinner and more flexible than our regular fly foam making it great for the smallest patterns. Thread won't cut it.
This tough foam is the perfect foam for chernobyl ants and terrestrials of all types.
2mm thickness and 7x11cm.
2 pcs/bag

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Manufacturer Trout Line

Dear friends we invite you to check our Fly Tying website with a nice corner for Beginner Fly Tiers with lot of others Fly Tying Articles.

Check it weekly because we will add interesting articles about how to build interesting flies, tips and tricks and step be steps about how to tie a specific fly.

Enjoy reading! :)

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