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Epoxy 3D Eyes 2.6mm

SKU : Epoxy 3D Eyes 2.6mm Manufacturer : Troutline

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Epoxy 3D Eyes 2.6mm-fluo green

Epoxy 3D Eyes 2.6mm - fluo green

Epoxy 3D Eyes 2.6mm-fluo orange

Epoxy 3D Eyes 2.6mm - fluo orange

Epoxy 3D Eyes 2.6mm-fluo yellow

Epoxy 3D Eyes 2.6mm - fluo yellow


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Epoxy 3D Eyes 2.6mm-holo red

Epoxy 3D Eyes 2.6mm - holo red


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Epoxy 3D Eyes 2.6mm-metallic silver

Epoxy 3D Eyes 2.6mm - metallic silver


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Epoxy 3D Eyes are very popular for tying streamers and bait-fish. Everybody know that a streamer without eye is not efficient like should be. Using quality eyes for tying your favorite fly will make it look better in the water and will increase the numbers of fish strike. 20pcs/bag

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Manufacturer Troutline

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