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Classic Fishing Buff Headwear

SKU : Classic Fishing Buff Headwear Manufacturer : Trout Line

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Classic Fishing Buff Headwear-bass

Classic Fishing Buff Headwear - bass

Classic Fishing Buff Headwear-rainbow trout skin

Classic Fishing Buff Headwear - rainbow trout skin

Classic Fishing Buff Headwear-brown trout skin

Classic Fishing Buff Headwear - brown trout skin

Classic Fishing Buff Headwear-camou

Classic Fishing Buff Headwear - camou

Classic Fishing Buff Headwear-tarpon

Classic Fishing Buff Headwear - tarpon

Classic Fishing Buff Headwear-trout

Classic Fishing Buff Headwear - trout


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Fly fishing is not a simple hobby, you spend time in nature no matter how nice or how ugly is the weather. A nice day is depending only of your equipment. A good equipment will provide you comfort and pleasure. If there are mosquitos searching for blood, ready to suck your blood then you need a repellent. If you apply it on your skin you can have chemical burns. A bandana or a buff headwear will help you to protect your face, your neck skin and your head. You can apply the solution on it. More than that the repellent will last more. A buff headwear will protect by wind and sun and will keep you comfortable. Take this in consideration and you will find this very nice and util.

Technical Details:

  • synthetic material combined to provide maximum comfort
  • you can wear it on your neck, neck and head,  only head,  neck- head and face in the same time
  • will protect you against of insect,  too much sun light, wind
  • will protect you against branches when you are walking in bushes or in forest in your way to the river
  • have nice patterns with different fish skin prints

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